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Fifth Grade


Welcome to Fifth Grade!

Fifth grade teachers for the 2021-2022 school year are as follows:
Mrs. Alexis Scheid, Mrs. AnnMarie Decker,
Mrs. Michelle Kurasz, Mr. Eric White, and Mrs. Audra Hall

For news and information about what is occurring in your child's classroom, please access the team's website:  5th Grade

5th Curr. Overview

Home Every Night

  • Assignment Notebook - Read through the assignments and make sure your child has completed it, especially in the beginning of the year when routines are new. They need to write down all assignments at school, even the completed assignments.
  • Home Folder - This is for mail, work to be kept at home, and possibly homework.
  • All current work - This should always be in a folder, never in the desk, backpack, or textbook. As a result, parents can check completed work if would like to.


District Curriculum Overview


Language Arts


Language Arts involves the skills of reading, writing, spelling, grammar, speaking and listening. District 204 has a language arts curriculum that is based on integrating subject areas. This means that children learn to read and write by reading and writing things that are "real" or meaningful to them.

The reading anthology is made up of excerpts of fine children's literature from well-known children's authors. The series provides suggested related reading and opportunities for extending learning.

Novel studies and student-led literature discussions will also continue to be used. This is a chance for students to read a book and discuss it in a classroom setting while hearing views and ideas that may be different from their own. Possible genres include fantasy, mysteries, science fiction, realistic fiction, historical fiction and adventure/survival.

Spelling and grammar are a natural outcome of reading and writing. For instance, weekly spelling lists, which tie into the current theme, are provided by the reading series. These list words are correlated to our reading selections. We expect students to spell these words correctly in their everyday writing.

Through the use of writer's workshop and 6 + 1 Writing Traits, students will learn the skills necessary to write for various audiences and purposes. Students will be instructed in the modes of narrative, expository, and persuasive writing. Creative writing will also be incorporated. Writing and reading are woven together across the curriculum.

Assessment of necessary fifth grade skills will come in a variety of ways, including teacher observations, oral presentations, individual and group activities and projects. The reading curriculum provides required tests designed to cover the skill goals for language arts.



Monday pretest and Friday post tests.



Everyday Mathematics is used for much of the daily instruction.

Otter Creek is a supplemental program which focuses upon math facts that should be mastered by students for success is any math program.
The new Core Standards are being implemented for the 2012-2013 year. These focus on fewer concepts, but spend more time on mastering skills learned. Below is a link for parents if you are interested in learning more. 

This comes from the Illinois State Board of Education.
The website below provides links to support Common Core by standards with games or activities.



Fifth grade students will be given opportunities to develop scientific skills of investigation and scientific inquiry through units of study throughout the school year.
Units of Study
  • Weather and Climate
    In this unit of study, students will identify cloud formations and its effect on weather and climate. Properties of atmospheric layers will be investigated. Students will also collect and record weather data to look for patterns within weather.
  • Health - Digestion
    Students will learn that the human digestive system has interactive functions and structures that are necessary to sustain life.
  • Solar System - Stars
    The focus of this unit is on basic space terminology, the sun's layers, distance and sizes of stars, color and temperature of stars, nebulas, galaxies, and the universe.
  • Small Life - Structures and Functions in Living Organisms
    Students will learn that all organisms are composed of cells - the fundamental unit of life. Using a microscope, students will observe single cell plant and animal organisms.
  • Physical Science - Magnets and Electricity 
    Students are given the opportunity to use the knowledge they have gained about the scientific process and information from lectures to creatively explore magnetism and electrical circuitry.


 Social Studies

Students in fifth grade will be exposed to a chronological survey of United States history from earliest settlement to the Civil War.

Units of Study
  • Unit 1: Americans and Our Environment
  • Unit 2: Culture West and East
  • Unit 3: Exploration
  • Unit 4: Colonization and Conflict
  • Unit 5: Independence and New Government
  • Unit 6: Expansion and Change
  • Unit 7: Slavery and Emancipation

Online Resources

Websites for extra language arts / reading practice:
Interactive Essay Map Builder:

Houghton Mifflin Power Proofreading:

Websites to practice math facts:

Math Magician:  Math Fact Practice 

Websites to print worksheets for extra practice:



Commonly Accessed Links and Info for Students, Parents and Community