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Arrival / Dismissal

Car-Drop Off / Pick Up

Transportation By Car

If you drive your child(ren) to/from school, drop-off and pick-up will now be located at the front circle of the school. The drop/off and pick/up lane will be supervised from 8:50 - 9:05 a.m. and 3:30 -3:45 p.m. Follow the procedures below to ensure student safety. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and consideration for the safety of our students, staff, and parents.

Vehicles will enter the main circle drive in front of Peterson Elementary School and form two lines in front of the school. Once two lines have been set, no movement of cars will be allowed. Traffic cones will be used to prevent cars from moving.

Parents will receive their Car-Rider number at meet and greet. This sign should be placed in the front window letting staff know which students they are picking up. Staff members located outside will use their radios to notify staff members in the school which students should exit. When the “All Clear” signal is given, a staff member will remove one traffic cone and allow that line of cars to exit the parking lot. Cars may exit turning right or left out of the front parking lot. When the first line of cars has exited, a staff member will send the next row of cars. The staff members will then direct the waiting cars into two lines in front of the school and the process will continue for as many “rounds” as needed.

For the safety of our students, please no talking on hand-held cell phones while in a school zone.

If you live in Ashwood Pointe, Wheatland South, Crestview Knolls, Anderman Acres, Ashwood Pointe or Pheasant Ridge:

  • Follow 103rd west to the traffic circle

  • Proceed around the traffic circle to Honey Locust

  • Take Honey Locust south to Winterberry Avenue

  • Turn west (right) on Winterberry Avenue

  • Turn north (right) on Chinaberry

  • Turn right into the student drop-off lane

  • Follow same path to exit school property

If you live in Tamarack Fairways, Tamarack West, Century Trace, The Reserves of Century Trace, Ashwood Park or Ashwood Creek:

  • Take 248th to Ashwood Road and turn west

  • Take Ashwood Road and turn north (right) onto Honey Locust Drive

  • Turn north (right) on Honey Locust

  • Turn west (left) on Winterberry Avenue

  • Turn north (right) on Chinaberry

  • Turn right into the student drop-off lane

  • Follow the same path to exit school property (No right turn will be allowed out of the teacher parking lot during arrival/dismissal times.)

Walkers / Bike Riders

Check out Mrs. Landstrom's presentation for Walkers and Bikers


Students who walk to school will follow these safety guidelines:

  • Students who are walking to school will enter from the back (south side) of the building at either Door 4, Door 6, or Door 10.

  • Students should not arrive at school before 8:50 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, and 9:00 on Wednesdays, when supervision is provided and they are permitted to enter the building.

  • Crossing Guards will be posted at Honey Locust/Winterberry , Mahogany/Chinaberry, and Chinaberry/Honey Locust.

  • Students may use the sidewalk surrounding the parking lot and enter through Door 10 off of the gym. Students should not cross the entrance to the parking lot.

  • Students should not walk through neighbors' yards to the back or west of the building.

  • Afternoon supervision ends at 3:45. If a child does not have an adult supervising them, a Peterson Staff member will ask the student to go home.

Bike Riders:
Students have the opportunity to ride bicycles, scooters, skateboards or may rollerblade to school. Once students are on school property the following rules must be followed:

      • Bikes and scooters are to be walked and locked in the bike racks at the back of the building during the school day. Students will enter the building at Doors 4, 6, or 10.
      • Students will practice social distancing as they enter/exit the school doors and travel to their classroom.
      • Skateboards must be carried and locked in the bike racks during the school day.
      • Rollerblades must be removed and replaced with appropriate footwear.
      • Heelys™ may not be worn at school.
      • Rolling backpacks must be carried inside the building for safety purposes.
      • Students must obey all traffic rules when traveling to and from school.
      • Safety helmets are strongly suggested.
      • NO motorized scooters, motorized bicycles or Hoverboards are allowed on school property.


Bus Riders

Transportation By Bus

The school bus is an important component to elementary school life. The circle around the parking lot on the west side of our school will now be for bus traffic only. Proper behavior on the bus is essential. The only adult present is the bus driver. We routinely discuss bus safety rules with the children. We ask that parents also impress their children with the need for order on the school bus, especially the need to remain seated and to talk in a conversational voice. Please review the District 204 Handbook concerning bus conduct with your child.

For safety reasons, students are not allowed to ride any bus other than their assigned route. Bus route/stop changes can only be made by the transportation department at the district level. Please see procedures at

Please note:

  • We assume that all students who should ride a bus will do so to and from school.

  • If your child is not riding the bus for any reason, we must have a note from a parent/guardian stating this fact. The note must state who will be responsible for picking up your child. All students are to be picked up in the pick-up/drop off lane in the front of the building. Your child will be put on the bus unless we have a written note from you. We cannot accept this change verbally from your child.

  • Please do not call the school office at the end of the day with sudden dismissal changes (unless it’s an emergency). This may result in a child missing important information and leaving by the wrong mode of transportation.

We ask that students and parents familiarize themselves with the following information and encourage observance of these guidelines and regulations.


  • Be at your bus stop five (5) minutes before scheduled pick-up time.
  • Be courteous to students and neighbors at bus stops and while traveling on the bus.
  • Ride only your assigned bus.
  • Do not ask to stop at places other than the regular stop.
  • Cooperate with the driver at all times.
  • Do not liter the bus or bus stop.
  • Do not use profane language.


  • Students must wear a mask at all times.
  • Students must remain socially distanced unless they are members of the same family.
  • Remain in your seat and keep aisles and exits clear.
  • Do not throw objects at, on, or from the bus.
  • Keep head, hands, and feet inside the bus.
  • Do not vandalize equipment (seats will be assigned on vandalized buses).
  • Do not eat, drink, or smoke on the bus. Obey the driver.
  • Hazardous materials, nuisance items (such as boom boxes), and animals will not be allowed on the bus.
  • Unauthorized persons may not board the bus.
  • Riders should respect the rights of others.




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