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Welcome to the Peterson LMC

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General Info


Meet the LMC Staff

Mrs. Ann Schimmoler (pictured at the right) and Mrs. Teri Saindon work in the Library Media Center (LMC) at Peterson Elementary School. We work as a team to provide students with access to information and to provide students with the resources to search out their information questions. We also work to provide students with a variety of materials to read for their recreational reading. Different types of literature are highlighted each month, and the LMC offers a variety of activities to enhance students' ability to use information resources and their technology skills.

LMC Mission Statement

Believing that the Library Media Center (LMC) is a fundamental part of the educational program of the schools of Indian Prairie School District #204, the mission of the LMC is to encourage, promote, and assist students and teachers to be effective users of ideas and information and to foster reading and use of a library for lifelong learning.

Contact Us

To contact Ann Schimmoler, LMC Director, or LMC staff, please call at 630.428.7259 to reach the LMC office or 630.428.7262 at the circulation desk or email

Your child can access the same resources that they have at school at home!  When your child wants to use a resource, click on the "Home Passwords" link.  Students will be asked to provide their own google account information and password given to them at school.  If they are unsure of this information, they should see their classroom teacher or Mrs. Schimmoler in the LMC. 

LMC Hours

The LMC is opened each day that school is in session when students are allowed to enter the building at 8:50. The LMC closes at the end of each school day at 3:25. Students can come to check out books anytime that it is convenient for their teacher to allow them to access the LMC. Because the LMC is flexibly scheduled, students can come to the LMC by themselves, with a small group, or with their classrooms.

What’s Up in the LMC?

Each month, the LMC highlights different types of literature to grab the interests of the students and to showcase new or existing literature. This is done through monthly meetings with students for 15-30 minutes. During this time, we also share anything that is new or changed since the last month. This 15-30 minute time slot is a great way to promote literacy and the role of the LMC in the educational setting.


Book Checkout Guidelines

Students check out materials for a 2 week period. Kindergarten students may check out one book at a time. This number for kindergarten students may increase as the year goes on. Students in first through fifth grade may check out two books at a time. Students are encourage to checkout at least one book that is at his/her reading level along with another book that is of interest, are for reading to younger siblings or to be read with an adult’s assistance. All students may request and renew items as needed as long as another student(s) are not waiting on the same title.

Student Library Cards

Each student is asked to check out their own books.   They are not given library cards to care for.  Instead, students use a printed barcode that is personal to them.  Each checkout computer has a book with each students' barcode.  They are asked to follow a 3 step process to check out books from the LMC correctly. This process has eliminated the need to give each student a library card.

Lost, Damaged or Overdue Books

Overdue notices will be distributed by the LMC staff to students on an as needed basis. These notices are then to be taken home by the student. If a student believes that he/she has returned the book, please refer them to the LMC staff. Students are expected to cover the cost of replacing a damaged or lost book. Replacement cost for a lost book will be requested after a search by the student and the LMC staff has taken place. Checkout privileges will be suspended until the replacement cost of a damaged or lost book has been received. If the lost book is later found, reimbursement of the payment will be made.

Student Expectations

      • Check out books on a daily basis if necessary. We are happy to see students using the resources provided for them!
      • Come to the LMC with a purpose in mind and with permission from their teacher. (i.e. book return, book check-out, recreational reading, research, reading incentive programs, computer use, etc.)
      • Ask permission to use the computers in the LMC as well. This ensures the student that he/she will have ample time to work on their task without a class coming in to use the lab or other designated computers within the LMC. Students should also ask permission to print any document to make sure that it is in final form.
      • Speak in a quiet library voice so that others are not disturbed.
      • Use a shelf marker to mark a book’s place on the shelf
      • Walk when entering and exiting the LMC.
      • Care for library materials. Always handle books with clean hands.
      • Be courteous to others. People are reading, doing research, and various other thinking activities.
      • Report lost or damaged items immediately to the LMC Staff.
      • Pay for materials when they are lost or damaged.
      • Return reference materials to their proper place and in the correct order when finished with them.
      • Return borrowed materials on time.
      • Check out books appropriate for their age and reading ability.


Online Resources

Peterson Resources Homepage:
Use the link above to access digital resources from your personal device at school or your electronic device at home.  If you need passwords for your personal device or you are at home, you will need to login to Destiny with your username and password.  Talk to Mrs. Schimmoler if you don't know what your information is.  


Research:  Citations, Notemaking, and More!

Cite your sources the easy way! 

Use the following websites to help you with the process!
EasyBib -- Notemaking / Citation tool

OSLIS Elementary Citation Maker

Learn to Keyboard / Type the Correct Way!
These website will help you learn this skill so that you are efficient with this process.


            Multi-level game to learn the basics fo keyboarding

            Students are asked to locate the letter on the color-coded keyboard.

            Great for k-1 students learning their letters & finding them on the keyboard. 

          Great for k-1 students learning their letters & finding them on the keyboard.


Commonly Accessed Links and Info for Students, Parents and Community