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Book Checkout Guidelines

Students check out materials for a 2 week period. Kindergarten students may check out one book at a time. This number for kindergarten students will increase as the year goes on. Students in first through fifth grade may check out two books at a time. Primary students can also enjoy online books through Capstone or through the Tumblebooks library on the Peterson Home Page. Students in grades 3-5 can access online books from the two primary sources, or through Overdrive on their own device.  Students have an account set up through the school.  Students are encouraged to checkout at least one book that is at his/her reading level along with books that are of interest, are for reading to younger siblings or to be read with an adult’s assistance. All students may request and renew items as needed.

Student Library Cards at circulation

Each student has an individual record for checking out books.  Students are asked to scan their barcode from the booklet provided at each checkout station in the LMC and to properly go through the 3 step process to borrow books from the LMC.  Students who skip this process will have their privileges suspended for a few days.

Lost, Damaged or Overdue Books

Overdue notices will be distributed by the LMC staff to students on an as needed basis. These notices are then to be taken home by the student. If a student believes that he/she has returned the book, please refer them to the LMC staff. Students are expected to cover the cost of replacing a damaged or lost book. Replacement cost for a lost book will be requested after a search by the student and the LMC staff has taken place. Checkout privileges will be suspended until the replacement cost of a damaged or lost book has been received. If the lost book is later found, reimbursement of the payment will be made.

Student Expectations

      • Check out books on a daily basis if necessary. We are happy to see students using the resources provided for them!
      • Come to the LMC with a purpose in mind and with permission from their teacher. (i.e. book return, book check-out, recreational reading, research, reading incentive programs, computer use, etc.)
      • Ask permission to use the computers in the LMC as well. This ensures the student that he/she will have ample time to work on their task without a class coming in to use the mini-lab or other designated computers within the LMC. Students should also ask permission to print any document to make sure that it is in final form.
      • Speak in a quiet library voice so that others are not disturbed.
      • Use a shelf marker to mark a book’s place on the shelf
      • Walk when entering and exiting the LMC.
      • Care for library materials. Always handle books with clean hands.
      • Be courteous to others. People are reading, doing research, and various other thinking activities.
      • Report lost or damaged items immediately to the LMC Staff.
      • Pay for materials when they are lost or damaged.
      • Return reference materials to their proper place and in the correct order when finished with them.
      • Return borrowed materials on time.
      • Check out books appropriate for their age and reading ability.



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