Peterson Elementary School

Indian Prairie School District 204

16-17 Student Handbook

August, 2016

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Peterson Elementary School!

On behalf of our staff, I would like to welcome your family to Danielle-Joy Peterson Elementary School.  We are eagerly anticipating a new year filled with continued growth and learning for all of our students.  The Peterson staff is committed to inspiring all students to achieve their greatest potential.  In addition, we will provide a safe and positive learning environment for all of our students.  This is framed in our Panther Pride initiative where we teach all children to be safe, responsible and respectful.

We fully encourage and welcome your participation in our efforts to make your child’s experience at Peterson one that is educational, enjoyable, memorable, and successful.  Please join us in a partnership by monitoring your child’s academics at home, attending school functions and volunteering in our building.  We welcome you to volunteer in our classrooms, LMC, and to support our building wide PTA efforts.  

On behalf of the Peterson staff, I invite you to fully participate in our school. With our combined efforts, we can continue to build on the foundation we have established as a child-centered school.


Allison Landstrom


Address: 4008 Chinaberry Lane

Naperville, IL  60564

Office Hours: 7:45 a.m. – 4:15 p.m.

Main Phone:          630/428-5678

Absence Phone: 630/428-7260

Fax Number: 630/428-6181

Student Hours: 9:05-3:35 (M, T, Th, F)

9:15-3:35 (W)

Principal: Allison Landstrom

Student Services Coordinator:          Cathy Micensky

Secretary: Peg Gamboa

Health Office Assistant:          Peggy Newman

District 204 Parent/Student Handbook

Indian Prairie School District #204 provides an annually updated parent/student handbook that contains information pertinent to the entire school district organization.  This handbook will be available on line to parents at the beginning of each school year.

Peterson Family Handbook

The Peterson Parent-Student Handbook is supplemental to the District 204 Parent-Student Handbook.  Please read both publications and retain them for reference throughout the school year.

Home/School Communication

Communication is a vital component in our partnership to educate our students.  Please make sure all your information in Home Access is accurate as those are the phone numbers and email addresses we use for communication.  Important information is consistently sent via Peterson e-mail.  You will find principal and office information, calendar dates and reminders and PTA updates through this important communication tool.  In addition, paper copies of important school communications will be sent home with your youngest or only child.  This allows us to conserve paper and you will not receive multiple copies of the same letter.


All visitors, including parents, are required by state law to report to the main office upon entering the building.  A buzzer is located near the main door (door #1).  Office staff will view the visitor on a closed circuit monitor and control access.  Everyone must provide a driver’s license or form of identification that can be utilized for our Raptor security system.  Your license will be scanned and kept in the office until your departure. Each visitor will be issued a visitor's tag to wear while in the building.  All persons are required to make prior arrangements before visiting a teacher and/or classroom.  It is essential that classroom instruction not be interrupted for individual concerns.

Threats and Safe Schools

With the recent publicized episodes of violence in some schools across the nation, we intend to take irresponsible threats seriously.  We caution all students that threats may result in serious disciplinary consequences.  Police investigation, suspension and recommendation for expulsion may be warranted.

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

In all aspects of the arrival/dismissal plan, safety takes precedence over expediency.  We will strive to promote an efficient plan; however, we will not compromise safety standards in order to hasten the arrival/dismissal process.  We appreciate the patience that is required as the Peterson staff safely receives and dismisses over 600 students each day.  Safety duty assignments are in place before and after school to supervise and protect our children during arrival and dismissal; however, your partnership is essential in ensuring students' safety.

Transportation By Bus

The school bus is an important component to elementary school life.  Proper behavior on the bus is essential.  The only adult present is the bus driver.  We routinely discuss bus safety rules with the children.  We ask that parents also impress their children with the need for order on the school bus, especially the need to remain seated and to talk in a conversational voice.  Please review the District 204 Handbook concerning bus conduct with your child.  

For safety reasons, students are not allowed to ride any bus other than their assigned route.  Bus route/stop changes can only be made by the transportation department at the district level.  Please see procedures at

Please note:

  • We assume that all students will ride the bus to and from school.
  • If your child is not riding the bus, we must have a note from a parent/guardian stating this fact.  The note must state who will be responsible for picking up your child.  All students are to be picked up in the pick-up/drop off lane on the west end of the school.  Your child will be put on the bus unless we have a written note from you.  We cannot accept this change verbally from your child.
  • If you are picking your child up on a consistent basis, we encourage you to complete a form which can be found by clicking this link: Car Rider Form.  Forms are also available in the school office.  This would alleviate daily notes. You will receive a sign with your child(ren)’s last name, so that our staff can identify you. Please post this sign on the passenger side of the dashboard.
  • Please do not call the school office at the end of the day with sudden dismissal changes (unless it’s an emergency).  This may result in a child missing important information and leaving by the wrong mode of transportation.

Transportation By Car

If you drive your child(ren) to/from school,  drop off and pick up is located at the west end of the school on the outer perimeter of the staff parking lot.  The drop/off and pick/up lane will be supervised from 8:50 - 9:05 a.m. and 3:30 -3:45 p.m.  Follow the procedures below to ensure student safety.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation and consideration for the safety of our students, staff and parents.

The front circle lane is for bus traffic only.  Bus traffic will converge on the traffic circle from 103rd Street or Honey Locust and will proceed to the front of the building for drop off.  

The car drop off line is located at the west end of the building and uses the outer lane of the staff parking lot.  The car drop off and pick up is intended to be a “kiss and go” line.  If you need to help your child out of the car, pull into the staff parking lot and walk your child to the door.  Please do NOT hold up the car line.   In order to eliminate car/bus traffic congestion, please identify the following driving path:

If you live in Ashwood Pointe, Wheatland South, Crestview Knolls, Anderman Acres, Ashwood Pointe or Pheasant Ridge:

  • Follow 103rd west to the traffic circle

  • Proceed around the traffic circle to Honey Locust

  • Take Honey Locust south to Winterberry Avenue

  • Turn west (right) on Winterberry Avenue

  • Turn north (right) on Chinaberry

  • Turn right into the student drop-off lane

  • Follow same path to exit school property

If you live in Tamarack Fairways, Tamarack West, Century Trace, The Reserves of Century Trace, Ashwood Park or Ashwood Creek:

  • Take 248th to Ashwood Road and turn west

  • Take Ashwood Road and turn north (right) onto Honey Locust Drive

  • Turn north (right) on Honey Locust

  • Turn west (left) on Winterberry Avenue

  • Turn north (right) on Chinaberry

  • Turn right into the student drop-off lane

  • Follow the same path to exit school property (No right turn will be allowed out of the teacher parking lot during arrival/dismissal times.)

For safety reasons, especially related to construction traffic, no student will be allowed to ride a bike or scooter to school.

Emergency Contacts

It is of the utmost importance that your emergency telephone numbers listed in Home Access and on your emergency cards be up to date and accurate.  As changes occur during the year, please contact the office to revise information.

Information on School Closings

In cases of severe weather or dangerous road conditions, school closings or early dismissals may be announced.  Do not call school; rather check the district web-site at  Calls will also be made through the Connect Ed phone system.

Fire, Tornado and Lock-Down Disaster Drills

A sufficient number of drills will be held during the year in order to familiarize the students with the fire, tornado and lock-down  procedures.  The school is equipped with an emergency radio system.

Expectations for Regular Attendance

Peterson’s educational program is built on the premise that regular attendance and punctuality are vital to a student's success in school.  Seeing that a student maintains regular attendance requires a cooperative effort by the student, parents/guardians, and school personnel.  The student who is frequently absent or late misses class instruction, discussion and related social interaction, even though written work may be completed at a later date.

Per guidelines of the County Superintendent of Schools, Peterson School considers absenteeism excessive when it significantly interferes with a student’s learning, as reflected in academic performance or social development and/or is more than 5% of the 180 days school has been in session. Excessive absenteeism includes excessive tardiness. Parents will be notified if excessive absences have occurred and will be asked to work with Mrs. Landstrom to improve attendance. Parents will also receive letters on student attendance throughout the year if attendance becomes a concern. These letters will be placed in the student’s temporary file.

Reporting an Absence

A parent should call the school office each day his/her child will be absent.  (Please do not report absences directly to the classroom teacher.).  An "absence hotline,"  630-428-7260 is provided for this purpose.  Please leave a message on the hotline number prior to 7:45 a.m.  If we are not contacted about an absence, and the child is not in school, we will call the parent/guardian to verify the absence.

Early Dismissal/Late Arrival

Students who arrive after 9:05 must report to the office for a pass before going to class.  A request to have a child dismissed early should be sent in writing with the child on the morning of the early dismissal.  Parents must come to the school office to meet their child.  Office staff will send for the child as you sign him/her out for dismissal.  A child will be released only to his/her parent/guardian unless other arrangements have been made.

Make-Up Work

If a student is unable to attend school for two or less days, he/she will receive make-up work upon return to school, and an appropriate due date will be determined.  For extended emergencies/illness, a parent may call the office on the morning of the third day to request make-up work.  If the extended illness results in an absence of more than two weeks, the student may be eligible for homebound tutoring.  In this event, please contact the school office for detailed information.  


Every effort should be made to schedule vacations that do not conflict with school attendance.  Each year, hundreds of student attendance days are missed due to vacation time. If your child will miss more than 3 school days due to vacation, please submit the vacation request form for attendance purposes.  Please click on the following link: Vacation Request Form or the form can be found in the school office.  It must be submitted to the building principal 2 weeks prior to the scheduled vacation.  Due to the dynamic nature of the teaching/learning process, lesson plans and classroom focus may shift; therefore, assignments cannot accurately be determined in advance.  Upon return to school, students will receive make-up work and an appropriate due date.  

Nurse Availability

A health aide and/or nurse will be available on a daily basis.  If a student becomes ill at school, he/she will be sent to the nurse's office.  The nurse or health aide will determine a course of action and contact parents/guardians as appropriate.


District personnel will not administer medication during school hours except when such doctor prescribed medication is necessary for the critical health and well-being of the student.  If you have questions regarding district policy, contact the school nurse or health aide.

The underpinning of our approach to behavior management at the individual, classroom and building level is safety, responsibility and respect.  All expectations build on the premise that meeting these goals will provide a safe environment for social, emotional and academic growth.

Our school-wide focus is on positive behavior.  We continually promote positive behavior by recognizing respectful and appropriate choices.  A variety of building-wide and individual classroom recognitions are in place.  “Recognition” tickets will be given to students who make positive choices and they will be recognized.  In addition, our students will celebrate together when we have collectively met our goals of safety, responsibility and respect.

We believe and expect that Peterson students will behave appropriately at school.  It is unacceptable for individuals to disrupt teaching and learning.  Threats or actions that compromise student safety, including any form of harassment or bullying, will not be tolerated.  Our goal is to provide an optimal learning environment for all students.

Classroom Expectations

Each teacher designs and implements a classroom management plan that is grade level appropriate as well as supportive of and complementary to building wide expectations.  Your child's teacher will share his/her classroom management plan with parent/guardians early in the school year.

PD Wednesdays (Professional Development Wednesdays) School Starts at 9:15
The later start on Wednesday provides teachers with time to collaboratively review and better understand new curriculum initiatives, which leads to better instruction. The common meeting time allows teachers to monitor student progress more frequently and come together as a team to determine the best instructional methods for students. The later start also allows the district to establish school-wide training each week that emphasizes a greater amount of continuity and focus on student learning. This school-wide focus will be linked directly to each school's improvement plan, so the results will be measurable.

Art/Music/Physical Education

Each student will receive instruction in the following special areas:

Grades K-5:  


  • Art   50 minutes one time per week
  • PE   25 minutes three times per week
  • Music   25 minutes twice per week or 50 minutes once per week


P.E. (Gym Shoes)

Each child is requested to wear gym shoes during PE.

Library Media Center (LMC)

The LMC is integral to full exploration of the curriculum and to the development of lifelong learners.  Students will receive direct instruction regarding the effective use of the LMC and computer lab.  Ample opportunities are provided for students to practice and apply their skills and explore materials and media.


Students will have a thirty-five minute lunch/recess each day.  Students may bring their own lunches or participate in the hot lunch program.  Hot lunch will be available on the first day of the school year.  

A 15 minute recess is held each day following lunch.  During the winter, we will go outside for recess if the wind chill index is at 5 degrees or above.  The wind chill report will be obtained from the National Weather Service. Students are expected to dress appropriately for winter weather recess with hats, gloves, boots, and winter coats. All students participate in recess unless a doctor’s note including a medical reason is provided to the school.  When a student is excluded from PE due to a medical concern, the exclusion will apply to all physical activities including recess.  The school nurse will follow up with the doctor’s office as needed.  Safety is our priority.  We ask that students NOT bring toys, balls, jump ropes etc. from home; our lunchroom staff will provide students with these items.

Peterson School has ample playground equipment.  All toys, sports equipment and video games should be left at home.  Carrying such items to school on the bus could present a safety concern.


Contacting Peterson Staff

Teacher hours are 8:15 a.m to 3:50 p.m. daily.  You may be able to reach teachers in their classrooms between 8:15 and 8:50 a.m. and 3:35 to 3:50 p.m.  In the event that the teacher is not available to answer the phone, your call will go to the teacher's voice mailbox and you may choose to leave a message.  Teachers have made a commitment to returning messages in a timely manner.  Please visit the Peterson web-site for a complete staff roster with phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

It is imperative that you do not leave an urgent message on a teacher's voicemail or send an urgent email as staff members may not have the opportunity to check their voicemail or respond to email during the course of the day.  If you have a message urgent in nature, please call the main office at 630-428-5678.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Dates for parent/teacher conferences are listed on the Peterson Website  Parents/guardians will sign up for conferences electronically in early October. More information will be provided about this process at that time.  Please plan to schedule and attend a conference with your child's teacher.


ELEMENTARY HOMEWORK STATEMENT The following information supports District 204’s Homework Policy 5100, current research, and the philosophy and practices of elementary school educators.

Please keep in mind as homework is assigned and completed that homework benefits student learning when it connects to, not replaces, direct instruction.  It should be used for remediation, meaningful practice, and to expand concepts taught in the classroom.

The following specifics support positive, productive homework as a tool for learning:

  • The “Ten Minute Rule” should be applied as a general rule for homework assignments; ten minutes multiplied by the grade level per night. (10x1 for first grade, 10x5 for fifth grade, etc.)  These minutes represent a total expectation from all teachers with which a child works but do not include independent reading.  The time requirements and the frequency of homework will vary according to each student’s abilities, grade level, and the subject matter; however, if a child is consistently devoting time beyond the “Ten Minute Rule”, parents should contact the classroom teacher. Workload adjustments, time management improvements, and/or motivation strategies are examples of ways to address such issues.

  • Projects assigned as homework should be included in the “Ten Minute Rule.”

  • Nightly study to include homework assignments should occur on weeknights only. Weekends and vacation periods will be avoided for specific assignments unless students are making up work previously assigned. Independent reading is encouraged on a routine basis, including over the weekend and during vacation periods.

  • Once homework is assigned the teacher is responsible for appropriate follow through until the assignment is completed with feedback offered in a timely fashion.

  • It is appropriate for parents to answer occasional questions or provide guidance regarding an assignment.  It is not appropriate for parents to do most of the assignment for their child.  It is not appropriate for an assignment to require a parent to be the primary instructor.   If parents feel that 5 their child is particularly struggling with an assignment or is confused, parents should contact the classroom teacher.

Homework at each grade level is age appropriate (in terms of content and completion time) and relevant to the curriculum.  Clearly, parent support is essential in the formation of positive study habits and the timely completion of assignments.  A clear homework statement will be discussed on Curriculum Night.

Progress Reporting

Report cards are posted on Home Access four times (quarterly) during the course of the academic year.  Progress reports may be issued at the midpoint of each quarter, depending on grade level policy and individual student progress.  Teachers will explain specific grading and reporting policies early in the school year.  Parents will be informed of significant concerns or changes in student performance in a timely manner.  Parents are encouraged to monitor their student's progress and contact the appropriate teacher with any questions or concerns.


Parent volunteers are a tremendous asset to our school.  Teachers will describe options for classroom volunteers during Curriculum Night.  If you volunteer on a consistent basis, you will be asked to fill out a Volunteer Form. Your active participation in our school is welcome and appreciated.

PTA Participation

Many opportunities for involvement are available through the PTA and its many student centered programs.  The Peterson PTA seeks parent membership and support in many projects, events and activities throughout the year.  Staff and students are appreciative of the outstanding Peterson PTA!


Due to allergy concerns and medical needs, birthday treats are not permitted.  In addition, party invitations should not be brought to school for distribution.

Cell Phones

We respectfully request that all visitors turn cell phones off or place them on vibrate when entering the building.  Thank you for being respectful of our educational setting.  If students bring cell phones to school, they must be turned off and placed in a backpack unless being used for a curricular purpose.  Cell phones must not be used during school hours for calls or texts.

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is the norms of appropriate, responsible technology use. (Mike Ribble, Digital Citizenship Institute)  We want students and families of Peterson Elementary to model appropriate Digital Citizenship. Please be thoughtful of what you  post online of other students and parents.  Before you post a picture of a child other than your own, ask yourself “Do I have permission to post?” and “How will this post affect others?” Your family can explore and pledge to be good Digital Citizens through the following links: and

For more information, please see the district website ( for Board Policies 7:180 and 7:190 which address student behavior, including cyber-bullying, and the District 204 Parent/Student Handbook under the Student Behavior section.

Here are some additional resources:

Forgotten Items

If your child forgets his/her lunch or other items, you are welcome to bring them to school.  Directly outside the office door, you will find a cabinet with grade level markings.  Place the items in the cabinet and your student will pick up the items there.

Lost and Found

Please clearly label your child's clothing and other articles (including lunch boxes) with his/her full name.  All unclaimed items will be placed in the "Lost and Found" basket at school.  Thank you for following this policy, as we will not disrupt classroom instruction for forgotten items.


Money for hot lunch, field trips, book orders, etc., must be sealed in an envelope marked with the child's name, teacher, and purpose for enclosed money.  Please do not allow your child to bring money to school unless the purpose is specified.

Student Appearance

A student’s dress must not disrupt the educational process, interfere with the maintenance of a positive teaching/learning climate, or compromise reasonable standards of health, safety, modesty and decency as determined by the building principal, the Superintendent, and/or the Board of Education.  Please refer to the district handbook for more specific minimum standards.

Car Rider Form
If your child is riding by car consistently, please complete the car rider form
If your family is going on vacation, please complete the form within 2 weeks of departure

Please click the following link to download the a printable version of the handbook.

Peterson Parent/Student Handbook 16-17


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Attendance: 630.428.7260

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